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Marco Waterfront Homes

Gulf access homes on Marco Island are located on the canals that crisscross the island. Beachfront homes on the Gulf of Mexico are limited, exclusive and hover on the white sand beaches.

Direct Access Homes

Direct access waterfront homes properties are located on Marco canals that offer direct access to the Marco River or the Gulf of Mexico without going under bridges. This allows for larger yachts, powerboats and sailboats.

Single Family Homes


Indirect Access Homes

Homeowners with Indirect waterfront access homes on Marco have to pass under one, two, or three bridges before they gain entry to the waters of Marco River or the Gulf of Mexico with their boat.

Single Family Homes


Beachfront Homes

These are properties located on Marco Beaches.

Single Family Homes


Marco Island Waterways & Regulations

Depending on the location of the property boaters on Marco have to pass under one, two, or even three bridges before they enter the waters of Marco River or the Gulf of Mexico. Vertical and horizontal bridge clearance is critical information.

Below is approximate vertical and horizontal clearance at Mean High Water (MHW) for all fourteen (14) bridges in the city.

Marco Island Fishing
Marco as many Artificial Reefs offshore. The following locations are easily found using a Global Positioning System (GPS):
Marco 2-Mile Reef 25 55.39' N 81 45.77' W
Marco 5-Mile Reef 25 52.71' N 81 48.12' S
Marco 9-Mile Reef 25 52.85' N 81 54.14' W
Isaac Walton League Reef 25 54.44' N 81 45.30' W
Gordon Pass 5-Mile Reef 26 04.89' N 81 53.12' W

Marco Island Waterways Regulations

Idle Speed / No Wake in all waterway canals, bays, and within 500 feet of a seawall. *Idle Speed / No Wake is defined as the minimum speed required to maintain steerage. 
Idle Speed / No Wake within 500 feet of all Marco Island beaches. Any boating activity in beach areas should be kept to boating directly to and from the beach and well away from any swimmers. 
United States Coast Guard "rules of the road" apply to all navigational channels. Marco Island channels are marked with the standard RED markers (triangular) and GREEN markers (square) using the conventional "red-right returning" system. 
Operation of a boat while intoxicated is prohibited. 
All boats must conform to United States Coast Guard Regulations. 
All boats must be properly registered and documented. 
Mooring to or damaging any navigational marker is prohibited. 
Anchoring or any other activity that interferes with navigation in channels is prohibited. 
Discharge of untreated sewage is prohibited in Florida waters.